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Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki are different sides of the same coin. Though the two cannot really be divided into descriptions that are wholly isolated from one another, we can say that Feng Shui correlates more with position in space, while 9 Star Ki relates more to position in time.

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Nine Star Ki Personal Readings with Alex & Gale Jack

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Nine Star Ki and Statistical Significance

The Half Right Angle Rule - suggests that the planets in our Solar System rotate and revolve in 8 basic directional relationships, similar to the principles of Feng Shui, 9 Star Ki directionology, and 9 Star Ki (the "9th star" being the axis of rotation).

The U.S. Presidents and 9 Star Ki - A study of the "Presidential Ki". Statistical significance and 9 Star Ki.

The French Impressionists and 9 Star Ki - The study in statistical significance continues with a look at the French Impressionists.

Hits on the Free Forecasts - More statistical significance, based upon you and other visitors to this site!

Sunspots and 9 Star Ki - A quick diddy on the natural cycles of our nearest star.

Death and 9 Star Ki - Obituary listings and 9 Star Ki.

Fire Signs - July 2000, was a Nine Fire month, in a Nine Fire Year. And Fire's flamboyant and explosive qualities were very apparent. Illuminating old, recurring problems and producing fiery events, in general.

Year of Revolution - 2001 was a Number 8 White Soil Year, associated with new directions, change and revolution. In many ways, Eight Soil marks the beginning of a new 9 year cycle. Eight tends to create the mood of the times. Here are the trends that we observed.

Year of Joy - 2002 was a generally stable year; in some ways "the calm before the storm". For most of the year, the clouds of war gathered but were held back by Seven's mood of pleasure and emphasis on gentle persuasion.

Year of Persistence - 2003 was remarkable for its cold rigidity. Even heated world debate could not impede conditions that had developed in previous years. Most notably, the war in Iraq and continuing violence in Israel, despite a so-called "Road Map to Peace". Some surprises did occur, such as the destruction of the Libyan weapons programs. But, by and large, the inertia of pre-existing events produced situations that were clear-cut and relatively easy to foresee.

Year of Karma - 2004 was a Number 5 Yellow Soil year. Five resides at the center of the 9 Ki square. Being at the axis, it is the ki of control and balance. As such, 5 is associated with politics and power. On Earth, all manifestations of mass and energy are born in the center and, every 9th cycle, return to the center. Therefore, 5 is a time of karmic repercussions.

The 4 Tree 9-Year Cycle - 2000 to 2008 was a 4 Tree 9-Year cycle. Originally posted online in March, 2000, our commentary foreshadowed the events of the cycle in an almost eerie way; especially concerning the repercussions of global terrorism (and its causes).

9 Ki and the Mayan End of Time - On the Mayan calendar, December 23, 2012, marks the "end of time". This link uses 9 Star Ki and general observations to explore the possible meaning of that event.

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Nine Star Ki Personal Readings with Alex & Gale Jack

NEW for 2002!
9 Star Ki Personal Readings with Alex & Gale Jack

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International Resources

Feng Shui Design Team - Nine Star Ki & Feng Shui presented in a scientific, Western format. Feng Shui consultation, planning and installation for individuals, professional ventures and geo-biological research.

Nine Star Ki Feng Shui kombiniert mit naturwissenschaftlichen Erkenntissen - Feng Shui Beratungen, Planungen und Realisierungen für Privat und Gewerbe, geobiologische Untersuchungen.

As Nove Personalidades - Nine Star Ki in Portuguese! Hosted by author Sonia Hirsch.

To download her cool 9 Star Ki software click here.

Mapa do quadrado Mágico.

Feng Shui & Nine Star Ki - Nik Fernée is a Tibetan Buddhist, has a masters degree in philosophy and is a Feng Shui consultant in Glasgow, Scotland. He's also a very nice guy. He teaches Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki, and his web site features a blog where you can join in.

Free Tibet

Grasshopping - through Time.

Absolutely Feng Shui - A well constructed and informative site. Presented by Kong Hon (a.k.a. Henry Fong).

"I am constantly adding more information and if you wish to be notified whenever I update the site, please sign up using the subscription box on the top left of the page. These notifications come with easy 'one click' unsubscribe links and we have a strict privacy policy."

9 Star Ki & Feng Shui in Bangladesh - Presented by Bahzad Rahman:


Feng Shui Center: Baden-Brugg, Schweiz - An enthusiastic Swiss site, offering Feng Shui information to the planet, im Deutschen and in English.

Providing Feng Shui consultations for homes and businesses. Also, garden Feng Shui, Water Dragon and remedies against earth disturbances (e.g. underground water lines). Feng Shui seminars.

Peter E. Frank - Feng Shui Beratungen.

Persönliche Feng Shui Beratungen / Privat- und Geschäftsbereich / Beratung beim Hauskauf oder Wohnungswechsel / Auffinden von störenden Energien / Chinesische und 9 Sterne Ki Persönlichkeitsanalysen.

Numerologie / Errechnen von günstigen Daten / Räucherungen / Verkauf von Heilsteinen und Feng Shui Accessoires / Firmen Feng Shui, Optimierung von Personalstrukturen mit Hilfe der 9 Sterne Methodik, Seminare und Coaching..

Feng Shui Prophet - This web site is easy to navigate and offers very clear commentaries and illustrations.

"I have been studying Chinese Traditional Geomancy since 1983, and also a Feng Shui and Yi Jing addict. Fortunate or unfortunate as that may seem, I am trying my best to put my knowledge in this area to use for the greater good. Feng Shui, I believe it can help people to arrange everything around us in a way that enable us to achieve a greater harmony with our living environment, relationships, business and career development."

Foresee Future - Foresee your future through palm reading, face reading ... ( )

We appreciate this site because it is reminiscent of Michio Kushi's books on oriental diagnosis, palm reading and especially facial diagnosis (e.g., "Your Face Never Lies"). We often overlook the "Feng Shui" of the body.

Nine Star Ki, in Dutch - Patricia Coors' Nine Star Ki site.

Omdat er in de Nederlandse literatuur nog erg weinig geschreven is over Nine Star Ki, wilde ik hier wat meer vertellen over deze vorm van Chinese Astrologie.

Feng Shui Institute - The Natural Home of True Feng Shui.

This site will show you how we affect our environment and how our surroundings affect us by using ancient feng shui concepts. With this knowledge we can achieve real harmony and balance in our lives and perhaps the power to fulfil our true potential.

Pure Feng Shui - John Mausolf's Australian Feng Shui site. We receive many helpful comments and interesting information from friends in Australia. Because we share a common language and due to their proximity to the orient, we expect Australia to become a leading resource for the western world.

John's site is a good example. A very peaceful and forthright place to visit!

Devetzvezdni KI / KI devet zvijezda - Nine Star Ki in Slovenia and Croatia. Created by Vojko Kalan & Friends. Blooming Grove has been communicating with Vojko for many years. We are very pleased to learn that he has created a wonderful web site that provides 9 Star Ki in two languages. Spreading the word!

Sreèno naj bo! Vsakemu od nas želim, da bi globoko v sebi èutil svojo - pravo - notranjo sreèo. Sreèo, ki se je ne da kupiti, ki se je ne da priklicati z zabavo ali rajanjem, a jo vsi poznamo. Doživel jo je vsak izmed nas - vsaj za trenutek. In želim nam vsem, da bi takšne trenutke doživljali vse bolj pogosto in vse moèneje in ker le sreèen èlovek lahko deli sreèo, upam, da jo bo vsak od nas znal tudi dajati svoji okolici.

Ova stranica nastala je u poèetku 2002 godine u Sloveniji, a sad je pripremljena sa prijateljima Hrvatima za prijatelje iz hrvatske. Znam, da ima grešaka, a molim vas, da mi jih oprostite. Strana namijenjena je poboljšanju življenja svakoga èovjeka posebice i svih nas zajedno.

Feng Shui Australia - Feng Shui Consultations for Business and Home. Mina Zheng is a classically trained Chinese Feng Shui master, with a wide range of business and residential clients. Mina also provides consultations by email.

Sixth Element Feng Shui - The belief of feng shui masters and practictioners, is that the atmospheric Qi energy of buildings will influence the Qi energy of people living or working in them, and have an effect on how we feel, think and respond to others around us. The positioning, or repositioning of doors, furniture and people can effect a change in the quality and direction Qi flows.

This movement in quality and changing direction of Qi can be for the positive or the negative. The aim of Feng Shui is to facilitate positive changes which support our lives.

Feng Shui In German - Our friend, Thomas Peter Papst, tells us that this is a very important European site. And we thank him for the information.

Feng Shui Homepage. Willkommen auf

The I Ching, in Dutch - Patricia Coors' I Ching site. This site is great in any language. What you can do is, go to the webpage, then click on the "met de computer" link, at the bottom of the page. Then click on the "kies kaart" button, 6 times, to throw your hexagram.

Vertrouw op de eeuwenoude wijsheid van de I Tjing.

Kyriacou on Feng Shui - Architectural Feng Shui and more. Christian Kyriacou's interesting menu of services.

LivsHälsa - Välkommen till LivsHälsa! LivsHälsa AB är lärare och ledare i medvetandeutveckling.

Utifrån en helhetssyn på människan och organisationen använder vi effektiva medel och metoder för att uppnå uppsatta mål.

Feng Shui with Valerie du Monceau - I am based in Gloucestershire and London. Although I work mainly within a two-hour circumference of those centres, I am willing to travel further afield.

As a Feng Shui consultant, I work with the individual in their home or workplace. I can be involved on a continuous consultancy level if this is required. I am available at weekends if this is the only convenient time for the client.

World of Feng Shui - Online feng shui magazine. Some interesting articles but lots of internet cookies.

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Resources: East

Zaihong Shen's Feng Shui New York & Feng Shui Gallery - Offers Feng Shui consultation service, interior design, original Chinese artwork and books in the NYC area.

A great on-line art gallery!

Feng Shui Studios - Jana Schneider, BA is the energy source of Feng Shui Studios. She has been certified and assisting mid-east coast clients since 1997 through a spectrum of services including: home staging, private consultations, onsite seminars, classes and long distance floor plan reviews. Jana also sponsors a variety of related events.

Visa/Mastercard/American Express accepted for your convenience.

Lake Mountain Feng Shui - offers a full range of feng shui consultation and design services for residential and small business clients on Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. I Ching classes and counseling are also available. Maryjane Osa, PhD, CFSP, directs Lake Mountain Feng Shui and is a Red Ribbon professional member of the International Feng Shui Guild. She has studied I Ching with Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog at the I Ching Institute in Stow, MA. Dr. Osa is the author of the popular feng shui blog, MJ's Feng Shui

Lake Mountain Feng Shui also provides services in the Chicago area (see "Resources: Central" for details).

Feng Shui Tao - Feng Shui Tao specializes in providing Feng Shui consultations customized to suit your needs. From on-site to correspondance consultations, FST works with its clients to provide services that help enhance and balance your physical space with your internal space.

This ancient Chinese art of placement is used today by Fortune 500 businesses to increase productivity and employee satisfaction as well as by individuals looking to increase their happiness, peacefulness and of course prosperity.

Feng Shui Tao's mission is to help you find balance and harmony in your live/work space, and throughout your life. Call us at 917.309.9524 or visit our website for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Victoria Pendragon / Feng Shui - Victoria provides Feng Shui services, in the Greater Philadelphia / South New Jersey area. She is also willing to travel to your location.

Her very sharply done site also discusses Igili and co-axial healing crystals. Victoria is a great lady with an interesting story to tell and she'd love to hear from you!

P'an Gu Feng Shui by Dolores Kozielski - Dolores Kozielski is a certified Feng Shui consultant practicing in NJ and PA. She is also trained in Kabbalah, Qigong, Tai Chi, and The I Ching. She is a professional writer and an award-winning poet, published with major publishing houses including HarperCollins and Scholastic.

Story Composition Using Feng Shui and the Enneagram.- A method of composing and analyzing stories, here in the form of dramas, is given which combines elements of chinese five-phase and feng shui theory and the enneagram. An article by Roger Clough.

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Resources: West

San Diego Feng Shui - Cathleen McCandless is a highly respected San Diego Feng Shui consultant, author, teacher and speaker with over twelve years experience. In addition to her residential Feng Shui clients, Cathleen's clientele have included companies as diverse as Intel Corporation, Nike Corporation, Eli Lily, Barratt Homes, D.R. Horton, Honeywell, Loews Luxury Hotels, The City of San Diego, The San Diego Natural History Museum, The Cabrillo National Monument, The San Diego Historical Society, The University of California at San Diego, The University of San Diego, and San Diego State University to name a few.

Ultimate Feng Shui Resource- Hosted by Cate Bramble. A well versed practitioner who clearly understands that Feng Shui is not a product of Madison Avenue. She wants you to understand that too!

"Dedicated since 1995 to helping Feng Shui shed its snake-oil-and-incense image."

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Resources: South East

Feng Shui U.S.A.- The website of Janice Jorgensen-Hunt, Ph.D. Janice is a Feng Shui consultant, international speaker and writer. She offers professional Feng Shui training. We are pleased to provide this link!

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Resources: North West

The Feng Shui Academé of Seattle - Directed by Charlene Weaver, an experienced Feng Shui specialist offering workshops and consultations in Washington, Arizona, Oregon and California.

Dedicated to providing quality training in the art and science of Feng Shui. Traditionally an orally communicated art, the Academé continues this tradition through the use of workshops, lectures and classes presented by various instructors. In addition,the Academé sponsors renowned speakers from around the globe to speak in Seattle.

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Resources: Central

Cheri Glaser Pottery- A true artist, in every sense of the word. And one of my favorite teachers. Too bad this site isn't holographic..... two dimensions don't give justice to her work, but it is, still, a marvel to behold!

Lake Mountain Feng Shui - offers a full range of feng shui consultation and design services for residential and small business clients in the Chicago metropolitan area. I Ching classes and counseling are also available. Maryjane Osa, PhD, CFSP, directs Lake Mountain Feng Shui and is a Red Ribbon professional member of the International Feng Shui Guild. She has studied I Ching with Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog at the I Ching Institute in Stow, MA. Dr. Osa is the author of the popular feng shui blog, MJ's Feng Shui

Lake Mountain Feng Shui also provides services on Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket (see "Resources: East" for details).

Stephen Field's Site - "As far as I know I am the only scholar in the US who is currently doing research on kanyu/fengshui. I would be very happy if you included my site in your list. Thanks. And thanks too for your hard work in providing this service."

You are very welcome, Stephen!

Charles Younger, Oklahoma City Area - Charles is an introductory level Feng Shui practitioner (compass school) in Oklahoma City. To contact Charles, click here.

Feng Shui in Minnesota - A practicing Feng Shui consultant in Minnesota, specializing in both the Form and Compass Schools of Feng Shui.

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Resources: Mountain

Design Wisdom Feng Shui - Mary Shurtleff is a Certified Interior Design - Feng Shui Practitioner. She is a member of the Utah Chapter Feng Shui Guild.

Mary's teachers include Grand master Lin Yun, Sharon Stasney, David Daniel Kennedy, Terah Kathryn Collins, Tao Tan, and many others.

Feng Shui of the Rockies - A great resource for the West Central / Mountain area. Elaine Jay Finster is the author of "Health, Wealth and Balance through Feng Shui" (1991).

Elaine and her husband live and practice in the Colorado Rockie Mountain region but also teach in Trinidad , West Indies. Black Hat Feng Shui.

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On-Line Sales: Feng Shui Supplies and Furnishings

Feng Shui Flutes - Visit this site just to look at the great flutes. As the once proud owner of a Japanese Shakuhachi (it vanished into thin air), I know they sound even better than they look! I highly recommend them for natural lifestyle, quiet relaxation, and for fun!

Available in a variety of keys, for your personal pleasure or for specific vibrational qualities. Their flutes are crafted in the traditional manner and are wonderful for "Blowing Zen" meditative playing.

Feng Shui Classes and Products - Helen and James Jay's Feng Shui site offers an interesting and well produced on-line catalog.

They also offer Feng Shui courses and a tour to Sacred Sites in China.

Feng Shui Elauper - Mein Name ist Esther Lauper.

Von Geburt bin ich Schweizerin und habe mehrere Jahre in Asien gelebt, wo ich mit den kulturellen Hintergründen des Feng Shui in authentischen Kontakt kam.

Nachdem mich Liebe und Bestimmung nach Deutschland geführt haben, habe ich nun begonnen, das Erlernte und Erlebte mit der Übernahme des Unternehmens in die Praxis umzusetzen.

Tibetan singing bowl and jewelry store - Offers Tibetan singing bowl, jewelry, prayer wheel, thanka and many other Asian gifts and supplies.

Great Oriental Gifts - A general Oriental merchandise on-line retailer, featuring "Exquisite Far Eastern Treasures, Great Oriental Gifts and Free Trips to Thailand.

"Free Virtual Tours to the Orient!".

The Feng Shui Emporium - A wide assortment of Feng Shui mail order products.

Hamilton Bell Associates - Having searched for many months to find high quality Feng Shui products that we can happily offer to our customers, we are delighted to introduce the extensive ‘Ki’ range. Many of the items listed here are offered exclusively through Ki and have been carefully selected from chosen craftsmen throughout the Far East.

This site is managed by Debra Bell. A Feng Shui Practitioner who has studied extensively in Hong Kong, London and Sydney. She offers consultations & teaches workshops throughout Scotland and the UK.

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Research: Other Feng-Shui Directories

FENG SHUI Network - An international network of Feng Shui practitioners and all those interested in Feng Shui and environmental issues. Presented and created by Jodi Brunner.

The Natural Health Web - Feng Shui Directory. A comprehensive list of Feng Shui Resources. Natural Health Web also provides many natural health & alternative medicine links, including Macrobiotic resources.

The Feng Shui Directory and Magazine - A directory of Feng Shui resources. Also, related articles and monthly astrological forecasts.

Feng Shui Links - to another Feng Shui Links page! Learn about the different approaches and schools.

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How to Choose a Quality 9 Star Ki or Feng Shui Service

All of our resources are listed because they are sincerely devoted to the study of Feng Shui and/or Nine Star Ki. And because their web pages (and/or services) are informative and interesting. They all have different backgrounds and, therefore, have unique ideas and approaches. Also, there are many other practitioners and services, available. How then, do you determine the teachers, advisors, shops and publications that will fit your needs?

Blooming Grove offers two helpful guidelines:

First and foremost:
The better your own understanding of Feng Shui and 9 Ki, the easier it will be find the organizations that are right, for you. That's why we have a "Recommended Reading" page (click here to see it).

And, in any case:
Make initial contact with a Feng Shui or 9 Ki resource. Listen to their response. If it is not prompt or if it sounds too unbalanced or too "mystical", then it is best avoided. If the reply is practical and makes sense to you; if it provides a more dynamic way of looking at your personal situation, then you may wish to develop this resource.

Several "Feng Shui" web sites desire a fee for "membership" or make their consultants pay to be listed in their directory of "approved consultants". Our advice is to avoid such sites. There are plenty of people and organizations who are well informed and willing to answer your questions, without hitting you for money the instant you arrive!

Blooming Grove tries to list the most helpful, educational and interesting sites. We want you to feel that these are your pages. If you see an internet resource that you think should be added to this page, please let us know. Also, if you have a problem contacting or communicating with any of these links, we want to hear from you.

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Add Your Web Site to These Pages

If you would like to be added to or removed from this list, or if you would like to modify your existing reference, please contact us by CLICKING HERE.

Inclusion in this reference guide is free. If we feel a recommended link is valid and appropriate to this site, we'll post it!

This directory is developed by human hearts and hands. We don't use Zeus or any other automated methods to create links. We seek quality, not quantity.

As of November 1, 1999, we no longer provide links to organizations who do not provide the favor of a return link to our pages ( or However, we will continue to link to interesting sites, when we find them, on the www, whether they link to us or not.

All sites posted prior to November 1, 1999, that do not link to Blooming Grove will remain posted, but will be listed beneath our link partners (fair is fair).

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