Your Nine Star Ki Number is

Five Yellow Soil

This personality assessment is based on the ki of your year of birth. If you have read it before, you can proceed to the "monthly forecast" link, at the bottom of this page.

A good manager and controller of ventures, projects and households. The 5 Soil can be found in all walks of life, from the very humble to the highest circles of wealth and power. Wherever they are, events and people tend to center around them. It is not as if they are in the limelight and they are not necessarily the center of attention. But they possess a power and control to such an extent that it would be difficult for the other 8 types to fathom. They are inscrutable.

If you are not a Five Soil person, the best time to get an idea of their characteristics is when you occupy the 5 Soil annual position. When you are in the position of another number, you take on some of the attributes that are associated with that personality. Since 5 Soils are in the "center", both positive and negative situations move towards them. It is their nature to make use of the good aspects and to turn the other energies away, or to manage them into a more beneficial state.

Five Soils collect things. Some collect people and build large organizations. Some collect stamps.

The evolved 5 Soil knows they are a 5 Soil. Not necessarily because they have studied Nine Star Ki. They come to know that their thoughts and actions can have a profound influence upon the well-being of others and they use their energy towards that end.

Being the balancing influence, they donít appreciate sudden change, so time is required for new ideas and directions to take root.


Positive Action:
Self reflection. Helping the needy and the ill. Defining group goals.

Associated Organs: Pancreas, spleen and stomach.

Weaknesses: Organs associated with Water and Tree energy.

Signs of Imbalance: Wishy washy or uncaring attitude. Greed.

Yin & Yang: Desire to Rule / Desire to Serve

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