Your Nine Star Ki Number is

Three Green Tree

This personality assessment is based on the ki of your year of birth. If you have read it before, you can proceed to the "monthly forecast" link, at the bottom of this page.

A good person to see for fresh insights and new opinions. As their rising energy suggests, 3 Trees are very active. They like to explore and to choose their own path. The 3 Tree personality is honest to a fault and is, not always, as tactful as one may wish. But their adventurous spirit and their positive attitude can attract many people.

Three Tree is the energy of early Spring. Stored energy expanding out. Yang (masculine) moving towards yin (feminine). Therefore, 3 Tree women feel more comfortable, out-and-about in the world. They quickly adapt to the occasion.

Three Trees learn through experience. They can be good performers. Three Trees like to improve things and some are very inventive.


Positive Action:
Active exploration. Flexibility. Striking a balance between self interests and social morays.

Associated Organs: Liver, Gall Bladder & Muscles.

Weaknesses: Organs associated with Soil and Metal energy.

Signs of Imbalance: Fear or Deceit.

Yin & Yang: Creating Imbalance / Bringing to Balance

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