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Alex Jack does not own the Blooming Grove Studio. Rather, he is our friend and author of many books pertaining to the macrobiotic way of life and 9 Star Ki.

We sell 9 Star Ki personal publications. Alex provides personal readings. If you'd like a personal reading, you can use this link.

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Hi Friends,

On our December home page (a 1 Water Month in a 2 Soil Year) we said:

".... The cycle of support flows from Water to Tree to Fire, and terminates in 2 Soil, thereby strengthening 2. But unlike November (2 Soil month / 2 Soil year), we no longer have double 2-Soil conditions. And beyond the cycle of support, we now encounter some very turbulent ki relationships. Two Soil overrides 1 Water, as does 3 Tree over 2 Soil and Water over Fire. Note the struggle between the extremes of Water (potential energy) and Fire (kinetic energy) in particular. Expect some entanglements and disagreements on the global scene.

There will be less stagnation and heaviness, but the path will also become darker, more unsure. One Water adds depth and character to 2 Soil's more superficial, idealistic attitude. The global outlook becomes less bright and this could reduce the desire to reach peaceful agreements. So, peace initiatives from the previous month can falter while still in their infancy. There is also a greater chance for miscommunications, misunderstandings and a desire or need for secrecy. This can breed mistrust or sudden attacks by the use of liquids (such as the use of chlorine or by liquid explosives) and trouble on or nearby water.

However, all ki positions can be put to constructive use, and this is certainly no exception. The positive potential of this 1-2 combination vastly outweighs the elements of darkness and insecurity. One Water's depth adds a larger, more spiritual dimension to the global scene. We can utilize the present energy states by taking the time to pause; to "resize" our values and our vision on a greater scale, and then to share our feelings and observations. This can add significant meaning and depth to the holiday season.

World leaders should think before they act and communicate clearly. Because the ki of Water is associated with midnight and winter, we can make a conscious effort to be bright and warm. This is a good opportunity to remember how vast the universe is, and how small is our Earth. That it is a miracle to exist, at all, and that we have the opportunity to help others improve their quality of existence and longevity. To recall how brief our lives are and to, therefore, become supportive and warm amidst the cold....

.... The Nine Star Ki New Year will begin next February 4th and it will be a 1 Water year. Because February 4 is drawing nigh, and because this is a 1 Water month, you can see December as a 'preview of coming attractions'. Especially considering that your present monthly house will become your annual position during the coming year...."

We enjoyed a very heartwarming holiday season and we hope you did too. Happy New Year! But events were not so bright on the global scene, a surprising number of them near water or involving water.

December 7-
As the new 9 Star Ki month opened, Donald Trump chose a very questionable personality as new head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has said he is skeptical of climate change. In 2016, he wrote that he believes the debate over global warming is "far from settled" and that scientists continue to disagree. In other words, the oil and coal lobbies are cheering as intelligent friends of the planet look on in horror.

December 8-
Seven Metal John Glenn, born July 18, 1921, passed away on December 8, 2016, at the age of 95. He was the first American to orbit Earth and the last living member of the original "Mercury Seven" team of astronauts. In early December 2016, when he occupied the 1 Water position by the year and the month, Glenn was hospitalized at the James Cancer Hospital of OSU Wexner Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio. A family source said that Glenn had been in declining health, and that his condition was grave. Seven Metal ki strongly supports 1 Water, and we suspect that John Glenn was no exception. Water is the ki of depth, inner strength and spirituality. Glenn was known to be deeply religious and his courage was obvious.

But 1 Water is also associated with darkness, midnight and winter, a time when old illnesses can return. Needless to say, the passage through double 1 Water could pose difficulties for anyone; especially a 95-year-old. But he made it through! On December 7, he transitioned to the 2 Soil monthly position (although he continued to occupy 1 Water by the year). Two Soil supports 7 Metal almost as strongly as 7 Metal supports 1 Water. And it was in this 2 Soil month / 1 Water annual position that John Glenn left this world.

We are comforted that our true American hero moved along while sending and receiving strong support.

December 12-
The United States' first offshore wind farm opened off the coast of Rhode Island. The mills will supply about 17,000 homes on Block Island and on the mainland via submarine cable.

December 12-
Donald Trump selected Rick Perry to be energy secretary. Perry has been hired to head an agency he previously suggested should be shut down. The former Texas governor sits on two corporate boards - one of them is Energy Transfer Partners - which has a subsidiary known as Dakota Access LLC, that is attempting to build the Dakota Access Pipeline -- the subject of public protests over its potential environmental impact and damage to Native American lands.

President-elect Trump once invested in Energy Transfer Partners and supports completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline. He told Fox News that he would intervene if the matter is not resolved before he is inaugurated. “When I get to office, if it’s not solved, I’ll have it solved very quickly.”

December 19-
A truck-ramming attack killed 12 people and injured at least 49 others in the Christmas market next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church at Breitscheidplatz, in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin. ISIL later claimed responsibility for the attack.

December 29-
A cease-fire brokered by Russia and Turkey went into effect in Syria. If it remains intact, it will be followed by peace talks this month, in Kazakhstan. The truce doesn't include ISIL and some other major anti-regime elements.

December 29-
In response to Russia's 2016 election hacking, the Obama administration expelled 35 Russian intelligence spies from the United States and imposed sanctions on Russia’s two leading intelligence services. The operatives were posing as diplomats and none are likely connected to the cyber intrusions. The United States also released examples of malware and the network addresses of computers used by Russian hackers. It remains to be seen if this response will curb future incidents.

January 1-
As the 1 Water month drew to a close, at least 23 people were killed, with 17 more missing, after a ferry caught fire off the coast of Indonesia. The Zahro Express ferry was carrying 234 people to an island resort. Many jumped into the sea and 194 were rescued.

January 1-
ISIL claimed responsibility for the New Year’s attack on a nightclub that killed at least 39 people in the coastal city of Istanbul.

January 1-
The person who will soon become the 45th president of the United States said:

“I don’t care what they say, no computer is safe .... I have a boy who’s 10 years old; he can do anything with a computer. You want something to really go without detection, write it out and have it sent by courier.”

Happy 19th Century.

From Nameless - This Adobe Reader® (PDF) file may be shared freely.

SODIS® Flyer- describing a safe way to purify water in emergencies.

Articles Below:
'Precession of the Equinoxes' Link updated October, 2009.
'Arsenic in Our Food' updated November, 2013.
The Global Perspective is updated early every month.
Annual Commentary is updated every February.
9-Year Cycle Commentary is updated once every nine years.
New Links and other articles are updated as they arise.

Link- Nine Star Ki and the Precession of the Equinoxes

Link- Arsenic in Our Natural Food -- Facts and Options

This Month's Global Perspective
(January 5 through February 3)

Happy New Year! (phase 1) As long term readers know, we celebrate the new year twice -- now and the Nine Star Ki New Year in early February. So, yes, as far as 9 Star Ki is concerned, January is the final month of the "2016" 2 Soil year.

This is a 9 Fire month, in a 2 Soil Year, in a 3 Tree 9-Year cycle, in a 9 Fire 81-Year cycle. The cycle of support flows from Tree to Fire, and terminates in 2 Soil, thereby strengthening 2. But we also see that Fire now prevails by the month and the 81-Year cycle. Expect some chaotic events. Nine Fire briefly illuminates this window between December's 1 Water and the 1 Water ki of the approaching year, which will commence on February 4. The ki of December was more indicative of the mood of 2017. January is a transitional period -- a twilight time between December's 'preview' and the full depth of the approaching 1 Water annual energy.

This month, most ki energy states are yin and, thereby, warm, expressive and expansive. Even yang 3 Tree opens out towards yin. Only 2 Soil's mood of continuity (and our own sense of balance) serve to maintain a semblance of stability. Most ki influences suggest a mood of brightness and chaos. In particular, 9 Fire is associated with illumination, entertainment, rapid expansion and potential explosion. Belligerent activities can escalate or spread at this time. Due to the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere, we have to consider potential epidemics (rapid expansion) but the seasonal ki (winter- Water) will temper Fire, in general.

Winter will serve to reduce (but not eliminate) the tendency for spontaneous outbreaks in locations north of the equator. However, along the equator and in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasonal energy (summer- Fire) will boost the expansive mood of this ki combination.

One insight comes immediately to mind. In 9 Fire January, 9 Fire Donald Trump will occupy the 5 Soil monthly house of politics, control and karma. When in the 5 Soil position, we encounter the karmic repercussions of our past decisions, diet and actions. In general, the positive repercussions arise during the first half -- the negative during the second half. On January 20, Trump will become president as he enters the second half.

In and of itself, 9 is a wonderful number. We humans are quite literally defined by fire. We began using it at our own dawn-time. Since then, fire has been perhaps our most prized tool; but only when we maintained conscious control. For untold millennia, we have used fire to cook our food and to save us from the winter cold but, uncontrolled, it has brought down countless homes, villages and nations.

Just as real fire is the hallmark-tool of humankind, 9 Star Ki was developed to be utilized as a tool. It has a handle. It defines the mood of the times, then suggests ways to bolster the positive aspects and reduce potential hazards. This January will provide an opportunity to see if we have mastered Fire, or if Fire has become the master.

Don't be too surprised if we do all right. We humans are a clever lot, and we have a few years experience. But there is much at stake, as the spiritual-but-dark 1 Water annual ki approaches. We should proceed with caution. A 9 Fire spontaneous outbreak could cause serious 1 Water ripples, throughout the course of the coming year.

The ki change is not digital. It is analog. That is, annual 1 Water will approach gradually, as 2 Soil slowly fades. Because 1 & 2 maintain an antagonistic relationship, the annual transition may not be so smooth.

It is advised that we utilize Fire's warmth and fortunate nature to forge strong alliances and agreements (2 Soil) while we still have this fleeting opportunity. Like a diver going for a plunge, if we enter the new year with structure and grace, the water will roll around us in an accepting way.

1 Waters- will encounter inspiring signs and will now receive some well-founded support. Most options are positive, as you approach the first days of your new annual position in karma, but do proceed with caution near the end of the month. Two Soils- your path will open up but keep your eyes open as you traverse your final steps through this challenging year. Three Trees- if you remain organized, mild changes will bring on positive improvements. Four Trees- will appreciate the warmer climate. 5 Soils- should pay attention to sudden changes "in your personal climate". Six Metals- will receive warm support but should prepare for a life that will soon change (in some ways, for the better). Sevens- will be challenged but, if you try, you'll sense the light on the horizon. Eight Soils- are your plans in order? And 9 Fires- it's time for your karmic checkup.

For more information, see your online forecast and our more detailed publications.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful & Prosperous 2017.

CycleKi NumberCharacteristicsNature
Monthly 9 Fire Illumination, Fortune, Chaos Kinetic Energy- Very Expansive
Annual 2 Soil Agreements, Preparation Accumulation
9 Year Cycle 3 Tree Rising Energy, Thunder Yang Opening Out
81 Year Cycle 9 Fire Illumination, Fortune, Chaos Kinetic Energy- Very Expansive

The cycle of support flows from Tree to Fire, and terminates in 2 Soil, thereby strengthening 2. But we also see that Fire now prevails by the month and the 81-Year cycle. The influence of the larger 9 Fire 81-Year Cycle continues to generate conditions that can be interesting, illuminating & entertaining but, in the extreme, can become chaotic and explosive.

For more information on Nine Star Ki and the times, see our global predictions for the current Nine Year Cycle.

2016 is a Number 2 Black Soil Year

February 4th, 2016 through February 3rd, 2017 is a 2 Soil year. This ki is very different than the energy of the previous two years (4 Tree & 3 Tree). The transition into this annual house is more abrupt than is usual for a 9 Ki New Year. Because January is a 3 Tree Month in a 3 Tree Year, and February is a 2 Soil Month in a 2 Soil Year, the change in the monthly ki will reinforce the sudden change in mood.

Two Soil also differs from the larger 9-Year Cycle (3 Tree). Using 9 Star Ki, we see that 3 Tree controls Two Soil, whereas the ki relationships of the two previous years were harmonious. Now, there is discord between these cycles. Normally, this relationship would weaken 2 Soil and Tree energy would dominate most global events. However, the 9 Fire energy of the 81-Year Cycle provides strong support to 2 Soil, so 2 maintains a high degree of potency.

As the very active 3 Tree ki of the previous year fades, we enter a more sluggish time. Indeed, 2 Soil is a peaceful energy; associated with food, farming, education, reaching out, communication, forming alliances, reaching agreements, planning, preparation, accumulation and stagnation. While these attributes may not be the most attractive or exciting, they all provoke a relatively serene image. And they clearly illustrate the importance of 2 Soil. Where would we be without farming or education?

The energy of 2 Soil indicates success through thoughtful, steady progress, rather than quick, forceful action. Therefore, a consistent effort will be of far greater benefit than attempts to make giant leaps forward. Great headway can be made, but it's best to use a consistent approach, like a sculptor, chipping away on the stone, or the steady, cautious work of the bridge builder (careful planning, reaching out, connecting two shores). In fact, many famous spans were constructed in 2 Soil years.

Moreover, this is an important year to come to the table, to develop treaties and peaceful agreements. World leaders should always use diplomacy first. This year, even more so. This year it is critical to communicate and to forge new alliances. Better to bang tabletops at the United Nations than to resort to the battle field. Our vision should be for the long-term. Short, abrupt jabs at the problem will only generate future difficulties.

In oriental medicine, Two Soil is associated with the stomach, spleen and pancreas; especially the stomach. Looking at this, we see larger connections. The stomach goes back to food and agriculture. So, this is an important time to reduce world hunger and to make long-range preparations to eliminate starvation. Because the larger cycles are less inclined to support these matters, it is imperative that we act now, at the global and local levels. Against the larger backdrop of 9 Ki time, this year is a fleeting moment. Like all of the ki numbers, we must make constructive use of this energy while it is available.

Although 2 Soil is the ki of peace and consistency, it does not necessarily "play well with others". The energy-states of the larger cycles are more active. From time to time, these will intersect with 2 Soil in an unproductive way; creating forceful conditions within a framework that favors stability and order. In this case, 2 Soil can only take so much interference before the pattern of differing energies combusts, or falls to pieces; causing setbacks and quagmires.

Two Soil is no stranger to devastating weather, earthquakes and tsunamis.

The Ki Flow

From a greater perspective, we can review the passage of the years. I've advised our longtime readers & friends to see 2011 & 2012 (Metal years) as a "cooling off" phase in our new era of individual expression and responsibility, that began in June, 2005. As the Metal years closed, we had tangible proof that the role of the individual remains free and strong, even in dire circumstances. Look to the Arab Spring and to the exponential growth of social media.

We then traveled through the 2013 house of 5 Soil (karma, politics and control). Everything came under scrutiny -- to be studied, to be considered from all perspectives. For example, the nearly total gridlock in the American congress. In 2014 the world awakened. There were new discoveries and new avenues to pursue. New agendas. But hot spots around the world remained and there were basically two types. A struggle between personal rights and centralized control. And a clash between basic beliefs. It was in 2014 that we encountered the dark side of our new era of personal expression. We learned that if acts of constructive expression fail, then destructive expression can take root. Our initial enthusiasm faded as we realized that the global network of individuals could be pirated and used for hatred and war.

In 2015, we passed through a 3 Tree year within a 3 Tree nine-year cycle. The ki of 2015 was the essence of this contrast between construction and destruction. This isn't a coincidence. We entered the current 3 Tree nine-year cycle on February 4th, 2009. Since then, the mood of 3 Tree has occupied the global background – sustaining the ongoing course of events. Because 2015 was a 3 Tree year, the mood of the nine-year cycle was magnified. Even more than 2014, it was a time of rapid progress, great upheaval and angry outbursts.

2 Soil Research

Thursday, November 19, 1863 – 2 Soil month / 2 Soil Year / 2 Soil 9-Year Cycle / 2 Soil 81-Year Cycle.
Abraham Lincoln (born in a 2 Soil Month / 2 Soil Year) delivers the Gettysburg Address.

As usual, I have provided a list of previous 2 Soil years for you to explore. Also as usual, I've generally tried to avoid using battles, wars and other lethal events as examples. They are simply too depressing. Still, even when cherry-picking, a few ugly events were included. Where possible, the incidents have been placed in categories that reflect the various aspects of the ki.

Worrisome developments. Political scandal and controversy:

Invasion and weapons of mass destruction. Harmful decisions rooted in bad judgment. Politicians and rulers falling from grace.

Quagmire / Stagnation / Accumulation:

Normally the result of the worrisome developments above. Two Soil is often associated with peace yet, when a war or conflict is initiated, it is very difficult to end it in a 2 Soil year. Two Soil can be like getting caught in a spider's web. The greater the struggle, the greater the entanglement. And like the spider's web, this is also a time to accumulate funds, tools, plans and materials for future ventures.

Peace / Alliances:

As stated, 2 Soil is associated with peace. This is an excellent opportunity to forge alliances, to create treaties and for diplomacy. If peaceful negotiations are employed, entanglements are reduced or completely resolved.

New information / Learning:

New doors open wide, but usually through peaceful study and observation.

In the greater view, we must consider the larger cycles. We still occupy a 3 Tree 9-year cycle, within a 9 Fire 81-year cycle. Of all the numbers, 3 Tree overrides (controls) 2 Soil the most. Three Tree is robust, boisterous and pioneering. Two Soil is gentle, generally peaceful and seeks stability. So, we will sometimes encounter a struggle between anger and diplomacy, active exploration and quiet study, rising energy and stagnation. But 3 Tree supports (increases) 9 Fire and is therefore somewhat weakened. In the same way, 9 Fire increases 2 Soil. So, the mood of 2 Soil will be very strong.

You can research the raw information here, in the Wikipedia® "List of Years". Just remember that the ki-year begins on February 4th and extends through January of the following year.

[1863] [1890] [1899] [1908] [1917] [1926] [1935]
[1944] [1953] [1962] [1971] [1980] [1989] [1998] [2007]

Here are some previous 2 Soil years. Specific events and birth-dates are listed that illustrate the mood of 2 Soil. Many of the examples come from times that are also 2 Soil months. The majority of this information was gleaned from Wikipedia®, a superb online resource for studying 9 Star Ki's historical influence.

You will notice that 2 Soil supports peaceful outcomes but if the mood of peace is ignored or challenged, then the result is normally very tragic. Indeed, this is a time when wars either come to an end, or rage at fever pitch.

2007 (2 Soil Year / 4 Tree 9-Year Cycle / 9 Fire 81-Year Cycle)

1998 (2 Soil Year / 5 Soil 9-Year Cycle / 9 Fire 81-Year Cycle)

1989 (2 Soil Year / 6 Metal 9-Year Cycle / 9 Fire 81-Year Cycle)

1980 (2 Soil Year / 7 Metal 9-Year Cycle / 9 Fire 81-Year Cycle)

1971 (2 Soil Year / 8 Soil 9-Year Cycle / 9 Fire 81-Year Cycle)

1962 (2 Soil Year / 9 Fire 9-Year Cycle / 9 Fire 81-Year Cycle)

1953 (2 Soil Year / 1 Water 9-Year Cycle / 1 Water 81-Year Cycle)

1944 (2 Soil Year / 2 Soil 9-Year Cycle / 1 Water 81-Year Cycle)

1935 (2 Soil Year / 3 Tree 9-Year Cycle / 1 Water 81-Year Cycle)

1926 (2 Soil Year / 4 Tree 9-Year Cycle / 1 Water 81-Year Cycle)

1917 (2 Soil Year / 5 Soil 9-Year Cycle / 1 Water 81-Year Cycle)

1908 (2 Soil Year / 6 Metal 9-Year Cycle / 1 Water 81-Year Cycle)

1899 (2 Soil Year / 7 Metal 9-Year Cycle / 1 Water 81-Year Cycle)

1890 (2 Soil Year / 8 Soil 9-Year Cycle / 1 Water 81-Year Cycle)

1863 Archetype (2 Soil Year / 2 Soil 9-Year Cycle / 2 Soil 81-Year Cycle)

Some 2 Soil / 2 Soil Faces
Born in 2 Soil months, 2 Soil years.
Abe Lincoln

John Connally

Woody Allen

Jon Stewart

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No updates since January 2016.

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9 Star Ki in Polish (and some good looking cats) -- Dziewiec Gwiazda Ki

Our Rice Cultivation Pages - A pastime, for you, that is interesting, fun, beautiful, easy to do, and valuable for future generations.

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Only 20% of surfers actually make on-line purchases. Understandably, many folks feel uneasy about buying products "sight-unseen". To better serve you (and, hopefully, increase our sales!) we've created some web pages that illustrate the features and format of our "Annual Forecast" publication.

Nine Star Ki Annual Forecast - A SAMPLE OF OUR NEW 9 KI PUBLICATIONS.

Free Nine Star Ki software from Sonia Hirsch's site at Correcotia.com

The software is written in the Portuguese language but it's easy to use and interesting. We have not tested this on 64-bit platforms.

For more information just click here!

Free Nine Star Ki Excel Calculator developed and contribited by Noel Tan.

This Excel file coordinates the adult (annual birth) number with the annual ki, and coordinates the childhood (monthly birth) number with the monthly ki.

Slide the scrollbar to your birth month and year.
Determine your year and month star ki in the right column.
Select (lock-in) your year and month star ki in the middle column.
Non gray colored square shows which house your year star ki is in.
Gray circle shows which house your month star ki is in.


Click here for the file.

Nine Star Ki Toolbox. Using math to make quick calculations.
Click here for details.

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